Construction of Post Office (1910-1913)
Melfort Co-operative Organization Western farmers were controlled by the railways and grain companies in the early 1900's. The offer made by a buyer or drover (cattle dealers) was the only one available, and the farmer could either take it or go home empty handed. Many farmers found that prices on the Winnipeg market were higher, and they started to question why they were getting lower prices. These questions and concerns caused farmers in the Melfort area to look for a solution to their situation. Their solution was the formation of Melfort Grain Growers Cooperative Trading Association on January 22, 1914. On March 15, 1917, a meeting was held to discuss possible solutions for a problem happening among the farmers, the prices given by traveling drovers was still lower than the ones offered in Winnipeg. A decision was made that the co-operation would receive names of farmers with stock to sell and the numbers. As a carload was compiled, the secretary would name a day and each farmer would load his animals for shipment to Winnipeg. The results were so good that it became the main activity of the Melfort association. After 1920, the Melfort Co-operative Association continued to thrive. It is an extremely successful business to this day.
IN THE 1900’S
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